The Origin:

We were bored and broke, so we made Dolos. Mixing our masterful mastery of business skills, graphic design, fashion sense, and quick hands to create a beautiful and eloquent representation of our inability to focus during class. 

Brave Crow:

Our co-founder grew up feeding and befriending a crow on his front porch. The moniker of Brave crow was quickly applied to the crow because of it's lack of a right eye and unflinching bravery in the face of a ten year old boy. With the traits that crows represent, intelligence and trickery, synergizing with our name and the personal attachment formed over years to Brave crow, we decided that we would forever memorialize a childhood friend as our brand logo. And, it's dope.


Dolos is the greek god of trickery, deceit, and fraud. Because there is so little information on him we figured he was probably really chill and would be a perfect namesake for our brand.


Location of Origin:

United States of America, WA, Seattle